“I have trained at elite for a year and have just completed a 5k, a 10k fun run/obstacle course, and have lost a total of 205lbs.”

Total weight lost:

205 lbs


So this is where my story starts. At the turn of the year I was trying to talk myself into joining a gym with the hope of losing weight, as in recent years I ballooned up to a lofty 32 stone give or take 1/4lb, and at a height of just 5’11” I was slightly over my ideal weight! I was finding most things a challenge from tying my laces to getting up the stairs without being out of breath, not to mention walking as any distance over about 200m sent my back into spasm, thus making life a general pain for me and my family. All I wanted to do was lie on the settee and watch TV. So I planned to join a gym at the beginning of January, but I kept finding excuses not to go and start, one week my back would be sore, the next week my knees would be sore and so on. Before I knew it we were into February and still no further, my eating was getting out of control, it was takeaways most nights, as what was the point ‘I’m fat anyway!’ But this was no way to live.

So one day in early February I saw a post from a friend on Facebook about a company called elite at Cramlington, looking for 30 men and women to take part in a 6 week transformation challenge. This got my attention, as they wanted to find overweight people and give them the help, support and the tools to lose 20lbs in six weeks, and the best part was it was free. The first week of sessions came to a end and I was aching from head to toe and all bits in between but I had loved every minute of it, we had a good laugh when we had breath to spare and I was very focused on doing well (I’m a little bit competitive/stubborn). As the first weigh in came around I was shocked and a little bit embarrassed to find I had lost 21lbs in the first week! As the weeks went on following the plan and giving it my all at the sessions to the best of my ability I started to really enjoy going and looking forward to the buzz I got from training. By the end of the first six weeks we were all good friends enjoying the challenge and having fun doing it.

By the last weight in I had lost an amazing 51.75lbs. As I write this I have trained at elite for a year and have just completed a 5k, a 10k fun run/obstacle course, and have now lost a total of 205lbs. I have gone from a tight 52” waist to a 40”, and my chest has gone from 67” to 50”. My BMI has gone from 62.4 to 42.8 and while I would be classed by most people as still very overweight I’m still proud of what I have achieved and I’m trying my best to get more weight off. In conclusion none of this would have been possible without the help and support of my family, friends and work colleagues who have put up with me/ helped me along the way and of course the fantastic people at elite, it has really changed mine and my family’s life for the better.

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“elite is a way of life for me now, something I enjoy and is good for me... I’m a completely different person as a result of my journey”


Total weight lost:

41.4 lbs

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