“It’s an extended family and one that cares and shares as much as my own”

Total weight lost:

35 lbs

Like everyone, I was overweight before I stepped through the doors of elite.

The affect of being overweight on anybody’s confidence is rather devastating, and because of it, I never went out. I wore baggy clothes. I just felt terrible about myself. I didn’t want to feel that way anymore, so I decided to do something about it, and that’s when I began elite: Transform.


It was hard to believe that there was a safe place I could go to, free from judgment, where everybody has the same goal. Not only did the people around me want to change their lives, but the trainers retained their encouragement throughout my back-to-back programmes, until eventually I joined the Focus group and continued working on my body and overall improvement of my health.

When I began to see how much I was improving, I couldn’t believe it. I had tried gyms in the past, different diets and fitness programmes, and they never worked, but with the guidance from the trainers at elite, and the encouragement from my new friends, I found that I was smashing every goal I was set. Despite my first day being rather nerve-wracking, I was excited about starting this new chapter of my life. It has allowed me to achieve so much more – I could fit into jeans that I couldn’t fit into for over 5 years, I was able to run 10k for a beach warrior event that I couldn’t do since school, and I trained for 8 weeks for a boxing match for Macmillan Cancer Support, where I won and raised money for the charity.

Seeing the people around me transform drives my desire to be the best version of myself – I walked into elite 27 months ago weighing over 200 pounds, and now I can honestly say my life is forever changed.

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“elite is a way of life for me now, something I enjoy and is good for me... I’m a completely different person as a result of my journey”


Total weight lost:

41.4 lbs

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