“Attending the exercise classes and sticking to the diet plan de nitely helped me make my goals more attainable.”

Total weight lost:

26.2 lbs


Signing up to the elite 6 week challenge is one of the best decisions I ever made.

It really encouraged me to get healthy by providing a balanced diet and an exercise schedule that 100% encourages weight loss, improves muscle strength and exibility.

The challenge provided me with support and motivation to allow me to really enjoy exercise again, and not see it as a chore. Before joining elite I would drag myself to the gym once/twice a week and not concentrate on my diet, feasting out on takeaways and processed foods.

I found cutting out junk/ processed foods and attending the classes made me feel better physically and emotionally. I found the exercise reduced tension in both my body and mind which improved my mood and quality of sleep.

Attending the exercise classes, and sticking to the diet plan, de nitely helped me make my goals more attainable.

The encouragement I received from the professional trainers also provided me with con dence. They design the program in a fun and safe way, showing you proper exercise techniques so you don’t hurt yourself, and help you get the most out of the challenge.

Finally, I enjoyed meeting new friends that were in a similar position. I found this a fun way to get a full body workout and allowed us to motivate each other during the challenge.

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“Going to the gym feels like nothing now compared to elite, I’m delighted with the results I’ve achieved!”


Total weight lost:

22.2 lbs

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