elite: careers

“elite: Together helps people realise their potential. We offer a friendly and new approach to fitness, delivering incredible results. Our team is growing and we want to meet you.

With the right attitude, in the right environment, we provide support and work together to develop both our clients and our team. This is called the elite: Mindset.

This is what defines us and and we're looking for people that want to be part of our business. Our elite: Journey.”

Paul Alexander

elite: founder

We believe in the human approach to the customer experience.
It’s not complicated but it makes a world of difference,
and we want to make a difference to the world.

Are you:

A talented trainer that pushes clients to their limits?

Can you:

Lead a team to success and get excited when targets are smashed?

Do you:

Want to realise your potential and help others do the same?

elite: Together is a rapidly growing company with global ambitions. The rate of growth means there are no limits to realising your potential and plenty of opportunities for promotion for the right people.

We provide a supportive environment for you to realise your personal potential, and the rewards are there for the taking.

You never know where you might find yourself with elite: are you ready for the challenge? With the right mindset, at elite: you can go far.

We have sent our team to lead adventures pushing them further than they thought possible - climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and The Atlas Mountains in Morocco. With the next one on the horizon; will you be part of the elite: Journey?

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