“For the first time in 15 years I had completed 45 minutes of exercise and not needed my inhaler”

Total weight lost:

35.2 lbs


I woke one morning, just before Christmas, and started getting ready for work.

I realised whilst getting ready, that I wear the same clothes on the same day every week, week after week. I was feeling frisky so thought ‘let’s have a change’. However to my devastation, nothing fitted. Back to the XXL Daddy Pig T-shirt it is. So off I go to elite for my weigh in and photos, I weighed 258.7 lbs, I was shocked, but determined. I started my 6 week transformation, inhaler in hand, and felt ready to go.

During the 6 weeks something strange happened, I started to love the training. Me... Loving exercise, if you had told me that before Christmas, I would have told you to keep off the mulled wine. I was worried about the food, but again, I started to really enjoy it, and tried and enjoyed things I used to say I hated. My whole lifestyle was changing before my eyes.

Then the big one, week 5, off to training, inhaler in hand, however for the rst time in 15 years I completed 45 minutes of exercise and didn’t need my inhaler. I couldn’t believe it, it still feels strange not using it now, but wow it feels good. In 6 short weeks I lost 35.2lbs, by simply following the plan and giving my all to the training. 6 weeks on from my transformation and I am still at elite, still loving the training, loving the food and loving my new friends. elite has changed my life in so many ways, not just that I am happier with the way I look, but I have been re-educated in the way I eat, I have a little huff if I miss training, and I nally feel like I will be happy to stand up in front of my family and marry my ancé this year.

I have vowed to myself that I will never allow myself to get back into the mentality I had before elite. I am only half way to my end weight goal, but with the team at elite I am in no doubt I will hit my goal in time for my wedding.

Philly Thumbnail
“I’m more likely to be found doing
a fun run with the family than
nursing a hangover these days”


Total weight lost:

72 lbs

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