“I’m more likely to be found doing a fun run with
 the family than nursing a hangover these days”

Total weight lost:

72 lbs

Let me begin with my reasons for taking the step to join elite.

As most of you can relate to, I was unfit and over-weight, lacking in confidence, and generally unhappy. I have/had tried every diet and exercise programme under the sun. I would be full of enthusiasm for the first couple of weeks, and then eventually my interest would wain and inevitably I would give up and comfort eat my way to an even heavier weight on the scales. For anyone who is interested, I was 19 stone at my peak!


Reading through my Facebook feed one morning, after a particularly embarrassing incident whereby I struggled to catch my 4 year old daughter after she ran away from me to ‘go wee,’ I stumbled across a picture of a friend who had been partaking in some sort of weight loss challenge at a gym. If it wasn’t for the fact he was a friend, I would have scrolled straight past, as it just looked like a Photoshopped scam for super diet pills, or something similar.

Anyway, it piqued my interest enough for me to contact elite, I popped along to this little studio and immediately had a great feeling about the place. It wasn’t a ‘gym,’ no muscle Mary’s and certainly no ego’s, It just seemed right.

I signed up for the 6 week Transform programme, which is exactly what it says on the tin; 6 weeks of training, 6 weeks of a strict food plan, and if you lose 20lbs or more it’s FREE!

The rest is history… 18 months later and I have never looked back, the training and the staff are incredibly supportive, the environment is so much fun, I actually miss the place if I’m not there for more than a few days.

The things I have achieved are what I never thought possible…

  • I am 72lbs (5 stone) lighter
  • My self-confidence is through the roof
  • I’m no longer embarrassed on holiday
  • I have loads more energy
  • I’m a much better fooTBCller

  • I can have a choice of any clothes, in any store
  • I’m a better, husband, father and friend

I can now also easily catch my 6 year old daughter when she needs to ‘go wee’, in fact I can carry her above my head to the toilet, now! elite is a truly life changing place. It is beyond a gym, it is a community of like-minded, supportive people, all working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Diane Thumbnail
“It’s an extended family and
one that cares and shares
 as much my own.”


Total weight lost:

25.8 lbs

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