“elite is a way of life for me now, something I enjoy and is good for me… I’m a completely different person as a result of my journey”

Total weight lost:

41.4 lbs

When asked to write a few words on the benefits of elite I thought to myself ‘where do I start, there are so many?’ So lets start with the usual, I can run up the stairs without thinking I am going to die, I no longer grab random children when a photo is taken to hide my stomach, I shop in normal shops without having to try everything on, I can even sit in the hairdressers with my eyes open without the fear of the dreaded mirror, I have a great sense and passion for nutrition and the benefits of eating properly, I love seeing the shock on peoples face when they haven’t seen me for a while…the list is endless!


All that said, by far the biggest benefit for me is being stronger, healthier, and most importantly setting an example to my two teenage children. Its about putting my running gear on and having my son or daughter say ‘do you fancy a bit of company’ rather than a smirk and ‘see you in five’. Its about making the right choices for all of us not just me, I no longer have a panic attack when I pick them up from school with a bag of grapes opposed to a chocolate bar or packet of crisps, I get excited when they ask for an omelette opposed to burger and chips, I love how they see me as role model with a common motto of ‘if you can do it, so can we’.
Family is everything to me and when people say to me ‘you go to the gym on your own?’ I laugh and say ‘I go to elite, I am never on my own’.

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Philly Thumbnail
“I’m more likely to be found doing
a fun run with the family than
nursing a hangover these days”


Total weight lost:

72 lbs

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