May 30

37-year-old Keith Gater has lost an unbelievable 45lbs since joining elite: Leeds and has no plans on stopping soon!


elite: Leeds member Keith joined in July 2019 and has lost an amazing 45lbs since, progressing onto our toughest programme, elite: Plus!

Father of 2 Keith had a high BMI of 37 and knew he needed to lose weight and get healthier. Having a family history of Type 2 diabetes, it was time for a change.

I set off on my Transform journey thinking I’d just lose 20lbs. After losing my target within the 6 weeks, I reinvested back into another Transform and lost a further 20lbs. I decided to jump onto elite: Fusion as I felt that I wanted to develop and concentrate on improved cardio fitness and muscle growth. The fusion meal plan and training are exactly what I need with regards to the ongoing support and guidance from the team. Since joining elite: Fusion, not only have I maintained my weight-loss, but I have now increased my strength and noticed muscle toning.

I was referred by a colleague who also lost 40lbs+ over two Transforms for her wedding. The first few weeks were a shock to the system as I wasn’t used to cardio level exercise. After the weight started dropping off and I felt I could achieve more during the training, I enjoy the workouts as they are varied and fun yet challenging – the team always make sure they get 110% out of you. The best thing about elite: is that you will walk into a session and every session is different, I’ve never done the same session and it helps make elite: unique and shows there are plenty of ways to get the results we always know we wanted and couldn’t do without their help.

I haven’t ran since I was 18. I did enjoy a 20mi bike ride every now and then along Leeds canal but that was it, I wasn’t a couch potato, but I wasn’t an athlete either.

In the beginning, I was motivated the most by the thought of getting my refund at the end of the 6 weeks… however once I started to see positive results from the training I am now motivated to work harder, faster and stronger during the sessions. I am looking forward to future challenges such as completing Total Warrior and Leeds 10km with other members of the elite: family.

The meal plan is structured to allow creativity on meals, giving you the opportunity to mix and match depending on nutrient guidelines. The trainers are always on hand to give support and ideas if you need them. They won’t let you starve or go without a meal.

I have recently moved over to elite: Fusion and elite: Plus which are elite: Leeds’ toughest programmes, they really are a challenge but I can’t wait to see what my future results will be on these programmes,

If I were to describe elite: in 3 words I would say…  REWARDING, CHALLENGING and FRIENDLY!

I would Completely recommend elite: Transform to ANYONE looking to get results, whether it be 20lbs or 200lbs – you can do it with the help of elite. Not only is it free if you hit the target, but it’s also a great springboard to starting or continuing your fitness journey.

Thank you elite: Team!”If you would like to follow in Keith’s footsteps to a healthier, happier lifestyle, get involved in our next intake by calling us on 0113 322 9644 or emailing


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