May 23

A Note from our Durham Member – Mark Patterson


Just thought I would share my elite: Journey with you all especially after meeting and training with a few of you when I completed the 10 sessions in a day challenge with my 2 “loony” mates Dave Hinton and Ian Taylor.

It all started back in May 2018 when I finally realised how out of shape I had become…

I was drinking quite heavily and my diet was total rubbish. I had hit the dizzy heights of 17 stone (238 lbs).

Couldn’t get into my jeans was buying XXL shirts and complaining that the sizes were getting smaller than they used to be.

My fitness was atrocious.

When I was younger, (many moons ago) I served in the Army and my fitness levels where fantastic I boxed, ran played Rugby and anything else that came my way.

Anyway back to elite:, I had seen the elite: Page on Facebook and kept looking at it then one day I decided to ring up and get booked up for the 6 week Transform 20 lbs challenge. With the idea of “yeah I can do that, lose the 20lbs, get my money back and walk away” thinking “thanks very much nice one lost a bit weight and its cost me nowt” haha who’s the daft one here I thought…

How wrong I was.

I started elite: Transform and was blowing out of my backside the first week I ached from head to toe found muscles I forgot actually existed, got weighed in after week one boom 11.5lbs off result happy days he says.

The Transform journey continued and I began to notice the aching stopped, my recovery rate after sessions drastically reduced to the point where within 10 minutes of ending I was feeling great.

I was actually enjoying it.

As the 6 week Transform drew to an end and I had lost 22lbs I started to take An interest in elite: Fusion thinking “no problem I can handle that let’s give it a go.

The first day in elite: Fusion *BANG* it was like being hit with a hammer yeah it’s harder yeah you need to up your game a bit.

This is where the mind starts to come into it believing in yourself believing in your own capabilities and strengths, going the extra mile, pushing through the pain barrier, the mental block that says you can’t do it.

Set yourself a small target within the exercise that’s set out in front of you and strive to achieve it,

For instance, if it’s a 1-minute time frame break it down into 2 x30 second stints, if the exercise is sit-ups set yourself an achievable target of say 40 reps within that 1 minute that’s 20 sit-ups in one of your 30s stints sounds much easier already doesn’t it?

Aim to hit that target and better it even if it’s only one rep more, you have beaten it you’ve won, but next time you owe yourself that one rep, plus another rep.

If it’s a weight-related exercise don’t just go for the one your comfortable with pick up the bigger one don’t be scared of it, try it, do a few reps, then drop back to a lighter one if you need to, build yourself up.

I have been doing Elite Fusion over a year now and this is what I have noticed in myself:

  • Overall fitness has vastly improved
  • Strength vastly improved
  • Weight loss 238lbs down to a maintained weight of 194lbs and very happy with it.
  • Mental strength to push on has returned
  • Balance greatly improved
  • Confidence has returned
  • The recovery rate from exercise is excellent
  • My jeans are now too big for me
  • Shirt size is Large (down from XXL!) 

Overall it’s the best thing I have done in recent years and my message to all you people joining Transform or moving to Fusion from Transform is give it your all, 110% every time and you will see the benefits and the losses, nothing is easy especially weight loss and fitness, however if you use your mind to conquer the negatives the positives will push through and you WILL achieve your goal.

I would love to see you all moving into the Evolve/Fusion sessions when you have completed your Transform Program and training alongside you.

Good luck with your journey.

Remember the 6 P’s

  • Proper
  • Preparation
  • Prevents
  • P*$$
  • Poor
  • Performance

If you would like to follow in Mark’s footsteps to a healthier, happier lifestyle, get involved in our next intake by calling us on 0191 300 1879 or emailing


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