Empower Yourself to Rediscover Confidence, Lose Weight, and Lead a Healthier Lifestyle with Peace of Mind through our Fully Refundable Transformation Product!

We are Elite Together, the home of the 6 weeks weight loss transformation challenge. Since 2009, we have helped over 60,000 improve their wellbeing and gain confidence.

Our members no longer struggle with their

Body confidence

low energy

weight loss

What Makes elite: Different?

Life-Changing Results

Our business is built on results, and we pride ourselves on delivering fantastic transformations for our members. Helping them to lose weight, rediscover their confidence, and teaching them how to stay healthy for life.

Inclusive Community

We have designed elite: to be an inclusive and welcoming space for our members. We encourage our clients to support and help each other. Helping to prevent the nervousness that many people feel when they first walk into a new gym or studio.

Unrivalled Accountability & Support

At elite: our coaching does not end when you walk out of the studio door. We provide unrivalled support and guidance to our members. Helping them navigate diet, sleep, recovery, and stress, all of which will lead to greater fat loss results, and a healthier overall lifestyle.

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Success Stories



Total Weight Lost:

22.3 lbs

Shaheen’s Success Story

Total Weight Lost:

71.7 lbs

Ian’s Success Story





Total Weight Lost:

22 lbs

Elaine’s Success Story

Total Weight Lost:

28.1 lbs

Alex’s Success Story





Total Weight Lost:

20.5 lbs

katy’s Success Story

How elite: Can Help You

It all seems so simple on a Sunday evening when you vow to yourself (for the 100th time) that next week will be different. You're going to get up at 5, eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast, and then go for a run. All before having a shower, and starting your day. But Monday morning arrives and rain lashes your bedroom window. Maybe tomorrow is a better option?

If this sounds familiar, then don't worry. You are not alone. Making changes to your lifestyle can be incredibly challenging, particularly if those changes are unrealistic, or unenjoyable. Struggling with motivation and energy is something that everyone has to deal with.

That's why we created elite: Together. Our studios are designed to take away the stress and confusion from diet and exercise. We provide enjoyable, effective workouts that our clients love. Our workouts are mixed with a wonderful community of members, who are here to support you and help you to thrive in this new environment.

We won't ask you to work out for hours upon hours or to follow crazy fad diets that are unsustainable (and frankly unscientific). Instead, we will slowly help you to make lasting changes that are sensible and fit into your lifestyle easily. elite: was created from a frustration of over-complicated, time-consuming fitness solutions that don't deliver the results you need! elite: incorporates a simple yet effective plan of action to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

We know you're sceptical, you've been promised results before. You might be lacking confidence and feel like you're stuck at this point forever and that no one can help.

The goods news is that you've already taken that first step by reading this. Here at elite: we have over 10 years of experience in the weight-loss industry. We have helped thousands of clients across the UK, take back control of their fitness and their figures.

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