May 21

Johnny Sargent, Lincoln Born Father of 2 has smashed elite: Transform losing a life-changing 51.58lbs


Johnny SargentFather to Oliver & Elsie, Johnny Sargent has lost a life-changing 51.58lbs and he although he has hit his target weight, he is pushing himself to another 2 stone loss – “Now I’ve hit my target, it is not so much about weight-loss, but now about other achievements, I would like to lose another 2 stone, but I think if the measurements change… I’m not fussed! It’s all about toning now.

Johnny originally joined elite: Stockton in 2017, to lose weight for his wedding, however after letting it slide once completed it and getting married, Johnny then began to put more weight on and knowing the programme works before, he spoke to the team. After having reservations about the meal plan, Johnny as hesitant to join again. In January 2019, we revamped our meal plan, it is delicious and nutritious, Johnny knew it was meant to be and re-joined in July 2019.

Johnny’s wife Faye informed Johnny on Transform as Faye had a few friends who had completed it and seen their results. After his wedding, knowing the results were great and achievable, Johnny re-joined, this time, for good.

Transform is a great programme for anyone who is looking to lose weight but not just that improve their fitness, which not only myself who have noticed my fitness but my wife and family. My kids keep me on my toes, it’s great to be able to keep up with them.

My first transform in 2017 I found ok, but the meal plan was hard. After joining for the second time Transform was good, I found the meal plan easy and filling I never felt hungry, my biggest boasted was losing 21.5lbs in my first week, knowing I had completed the weight goal did not stop me I carried on and lost 33.5lbs in my first transform. My second term transform was a bit harder still the meals were still good and I was not struggling, but the weight was harder to get off most weeks only losing 2lbs I thought I would not get the weight off but after speaking to the trainers that gave me advice on what I can do which worked and was a great help as I lost the 20lbs needed in the second one, jumping off the scales at my final weigh-in.

My favourite thing about elite: Transform, has got to be the trainers (most people would probably say losing weight) but for me I wouldn’t have achieved the results I did if it wasn’t for them, they are all so supportive, they make sessions fun and make you work hard to help you achieve your results.

 I used to be an entertainer when I was younger so was very physical but when I had my son I gave it all up and retrained to a new career, I still have a physical job but not active as in fitness, the most I used to do was running around with my kids but it was struggle which is why I made the change.

My wife and kids are my biggest motivators for me, supporting me in what I am doing, but it has to be seeing results not just on the scales but pictures, which is why I took my own no top pictures.

I love the new meal plan; you get so much variety but there also option to add spices and flavourings to your meals to make them tastier and more enjoyable. I like the fact that on a Friday or Saturday night (depending on training days) you get to have a kebab which makes you feel like your cheating on the meal plan but you’re not, day 5 was my favourite by far, who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast and healthy kebabs for tea!

I am not giving up this time around, if you do, you’ll more than likely be like me and put weight on, I am now signed up to elite: Evolve after completing two 6 week challenges, this is the next step before going on to fusion.

If I had to describe elite: in 3 words it would definitely be difficult… let’s go with FUN, REWARDING and SUPPORTIVE!

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend elite, if anyone asks me about losing weight, I always tell them about elite, if I was going to rate elite it would be 10 out of 10, they’ve got it spot on with their programme to the right trainers leading there classes”If you would like to follow in Johnny’s footsteps, get involved in our next intake by calling us on 01642 424 300 or emailing


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