May 22

June Smith, 54 from elite: Durham is on her way to a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER life-style!


June Smith, 54 from elite: Durham felt she “hated life” when going through the dreaded menopause.

June Smith - elite: Durham

“Five months ago, I said words I never thought I would hear myself say. Those words were “I hate my life”!

Going through the menopause was a nightmare. I went from being fit and full of life to someone you wouldn’t want to be around. From out of nowhere came the weight gain, sleepless nights, sadness and I was so unhappy.

One day, I was taken by an ambulance to the hospital as I had lost my memory. I was told it was down to lack of sleep. Luckily for me, a few hours returned.

Then my daughters told me about a club called elite. I spoke to one of their trainers who give me hope. I signed up for the 6 weeks transform challenge to lost 20lbs. This was hard because I hadn’t done any exercise for 5 years, but I did it! The weight came off and I became motivated.

The classes are different to any I have done before. They are exciting very well planned and you leave wanting to be back for the next class, as they never have two classes the same. 

The people you meet along the way are so friendly and everyone wants to support each other. The trainers are always there for you, encouraging you along the way.

After completing transform I continued training on Fusion sessions and I feel amazing in myself. My daughters have their mam back and my husband loves his new wife. If I was asked to help someone who feels like the menopause has taken over their life. I would tell them to join elite: in Durham.

The team have helped me get my life back and I am totally grateful to them all. My weight has dropped 2 stone! I went from a size 16 to 12 and now because of how good I am feeling about myself, I refuse to let a hot sweat get me down and my sleepless nights are becoming fewer.”

If you would like to follow in June’s footsteps to a healthier, happier lifestyle, get involved in our next intake by calling us on 0191 300 1879 or emailing


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