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Transform 20lbs – Non-Refundable


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Transform is a unique 6-week programme, where clients aim to lose 20lbs or more. This is a kickstart into fitness where we not only help clients exercise but also look at mindset, motivation and nutrition. The Non-refundable transform is the perfect solution for returning clients who have previously completed a Transform with us and want to get back on track. 


Aims of the Non-Refundable Transform Programme:

💪🏼 Re-educating client’s mindsets and attitude towards fitness, health and nutrition

💪🏼 Supporting them to achieve their goals

💪🏼 A fun and enjoyable 6-weeks

💪🏼 Giving clients back control of their fitness and their figure

💪🏼 Boosting client’s confidence

💪🏼 Improving self esteem

💪🏼 Become part of our elite: Family and Community

💪🏼 Meet like-minded individuals


What’s included on the Non-Refundable Transform programme:

💪🏼 3x weekly 45-minute sessions (total of 18)

💪🏼 7-day food plan

💪🏼 Weekly weigh-ins with an elite: Trainer

💪🏼 Access to the elite: App and Facebook community

💪🏼 Expert guidance, support and accountability from elite: Trainers

💪🏼 Fun group activities outside the studio

💪🏼 Before and after photos to track progress


Cramlington, Durham, Newcastle, Stockton


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