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Transform 14lbs Refundable


Location: Cramlington, Newcastle, Stockton

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Transform is a unique 4-week programme, where clients aim to lose 14lbs or more. This is a kickstart into fitness where we not only help clients exercise but also look at mindset, motivation and nutrition. Upon successful completion of the programme, clients then get their training fees refunded.


Aims of the Transform programme:

💪🏼 Re-educating client’s mindsets and attitude towards fitness, health and nutrition

💪🏼 Supporting them to achieve their goals

💪🏼 A fun and enjoyable 4-weeks

💪🏼 Giving clients back control of their fitness and their figure

💪🏼 Boosting client’s confidence

💪🏼 Improving self esteem

💪🏼 Become part of our elite: Family and Community

💪🏼 Meet like-minded individuals


What’s included on the Transform programme:

💪🏼 3x weekly 45-minute sessions (total of 12)

💪🏼 7-day food plan

💪🏼 Weekly weigh-ins with an elite: Trainer

💪🏼 Access to the elite: App and Facebook community

💪🏼 Expert guidance, support and accountability from elite: Trainers

💪🏼 Fun group activities outside the studio

💪🏼 Before and after photos to track progress



Cramlington, Newcastle, Stockton


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