Transform At Home



elite: Transform at Home is our unique refundable weight loss challenge. Our 6-week programme is designed to help clients lose 20lbs, if clients successfully complete this programme and lose the 20lbs, we will refund the training deposit. Alternatively, clients have the option to reinvest training deposits into further training to continue your journey with our elite: At Home app.


Aims of the Transform at home programme:

💪🏼 Re-educating client’s mindsets and attitude towards fitness, health and nutrition

💪🏼 Supporting them to achieve their goals

💪🏼 A fun and enjoyable 6-weeks

💪🏼 Giving clients back control of their fitness and their figure

💪🏼 Boosting client’s confidence

💪🏼 Improving self esteem

💪🏼 Become part of our elite: Family and Community

💪🏼 Meet like-minded individuals


What’s included on the Transform at home programme:

💪🏼 6 weeks of immense elite: Sessions. 18, 30 minutes sessions that are always varied and progressive

💪🏼 7-day food plan full of great foods to fuel your body correctly

💪🏼 Weekly virtual weigh ins to track and monitor your progress via video chat with your elite: Trainer

💪🏼 Accountability and unrivaled support from your assigned elite: Trainer

💪🏼 Full access to our brand new elite: App where you can speak to your elite: Trainer directly

💪🏼 Be part of our elite: Transform At Home community in the elite: App

💪🏼 Have access to an elite: Transformer group chat with those who started their fitness journey at the same time as you

💪🏼 Before and after progress photos



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