Boost your confidence and transform your figure in just 6 weeks with our tried and tested reboot programme!

It’s fun, effective and specifically designed by the north east’s original health and fitness transformation specialists

That’s us by the way, since 2009 we’ve helped over 60,000 people lose weight and feel fantastic, just FYI, not bragging or anything, but it’s true, so maybe we are bragging a bit I suppose, but who wouldn’t.

If the summer holidays (or lockdown struggles) have sucked up your energy like a metaphorical vacuum cleaner and made you lose focus on your general health and fitness, then the reboot programme is PERFECT for you!

Our reboot challenge has a 95% success rate!

Just for any doubters, there probably isn’t any by now, there shouldn’t be, but just in case there is, it works, REALLY works!

Are you our next reboot success story?

We’ve gone ahead and reserved a spot for you, we’re nice like that

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You missed out!


Training sessions

(but not just any old boring training sessions, that’s not how we roll)
We pride ourselves in creating fun, challenging and varied training activity for EVERY session!
Not only that, we also tailor the programme to fit YOUR individual needs, everyone has different goals, so we’ll listen to yours and adapt accordingly! You look good, we look good, win win! 


Food and Nutrition Plan

To look a certain way, we need to eat a certain way, that doesn’t mean plain chicken and broccoli for every meal, we don’t want to starve you! This is about making some tweaks to your diet and calorie intake so that your goals are met whilst you can still enjoy a balanced diet that includes the odd treat, once we crack this part you’ll be absolutely flying!


Comprehensive Coaching and Support

We will literally hold your hand through the whole process, start to finish… well not literally, but you know what I mean. We provide you with expert support, guidance, motivation and assistance to guarantee your goals are met and you love your new look! At the end of the day, if you don’t succeed, then our 95% success rate falls, and we can’t be having that!

You’ll get all this and more from our team of trained experts, so that leaves 1 question, are you ready to change your life? Then let’s become elite: together…